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Plastic Extrusions and the Future of the Automotive Industry

November 1, 2017

For several years, the automotive industry struggled economically. Now in recovery mode, automakers are using more plastic in hardware and other components. For one thing, plastic extrusions are strong and durable. However, as a lightweight material, carmakers also save money, which is then pas…

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How to Find the Best Extruded Aluminum Manufacturer for Your Project

October 31, 2017

extruded aluminum

If you need an extruded aluminum part or component, choosing the right manufacturer is critical. Otherwise, you could unintentionally put your project in the hands of so-called professionals, only to end up with products that have defects, get delivered late, or cost more than you should pay.

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Advantages of Dealing with Aluminum Extrusion Companies

October 31, 2017

Top-rated aluminum extrusion companies offer tremendous advantages, including customization and a quick turnaround. As you will discover from the information provided, by hiring the right company, you have the opportunity to enhance your business. However, it is essential that you choose the ri…

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Understanding the Basics of Plastic Extrusion

September 5, 2017

Due to the high caliber of finished products, custom plastic extrusion companies are in high demand. If you have never had the need for an extruded product before, you probably have a lot of questions. For a better understanding, a reputable plastic extrusion manufacturer follows a precise process.…

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