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Understanding the Basics of Plastic Extrusion

September 5, 2017

Due to the high caliber of finished products, custom plastic extrusion companies are in high demand. If you have never had the need for an extruded product before, you probably have a lot of questions. For a better understanding, a reputable plastic extrusion manufacturer follows a precise process.

Learning the Basics

Whether needing thousands of drinking straws or hundreds of yards of plastic piping, manufacturers rely on the extrusion process outlined below.

  • Machinery – To facilitate the plastic extrusion process, the operator uses an extruder machine, which consists primarily of a barrel, hopper, screw drive motor, and screw drive.
  • Raw Material – To ensure a high-quality finished product, the manufacturer uses raw thermoplastic material for the extrusion process. Typically, they use resin plastic such as PVC, polystyrene, ABS, polypropylene, and polyethylene.


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